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High Pigment Chrome Powder

High Pigment Chrome Powder

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Quantity: 1 Box

Number of Pieces: One Unit

NET WT: 3-4g

Model Number: J6H-01-C

Material: Nail Powder/Nail Chrome

Item Type: Nail Glitter



Quantity: 1 Box
Powder Capacity: Approx. 3-4g
Material: Powder
Color: As the pictures show

Package Contents:
1 Box Nail Powder+3Pcs Sponge stick

100% brand new and high quality
Different angles and lights show different colors.
Black base presents effect.
Easy to apply on natural or artificial nails.

How to use:
1.Apply a base coat on your nail and cure by UV/LED lamp until it is totally dry
2.Apply any color Gel on your nail, Preferably black. Usually a black background works best for chrome powder, and cure by UV/LED lamp 60-120s until it totally dry
3.lmportant!this step will determine if you can make a mirror effect or not. Apply no wipe top coat on your nail. It can't be any other top coat if you want mirror effect, and cure by UV/LED lamp 10-20 seconds(Depends on the power of the lamp). If it's too dry, it'll be hard to apply the powder, but if it's too wet, it will not get the mirror effect. Please try different timings (Depending on the power of your nail machine) to achieve the best results.
4.Take a small amount of powder with a cotton swab in the bag, and apply it onto your nail until the color is completely covered
5.Apply top coat and cure by UV/LED lamp until it totally dries.
6. Wipe off any excess powder using a no-lint alcohol pad

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