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192W UV/LED Nail Dryer Lamp 96PCS LEDs

192W UV/LED Nail Dryer Lamp 96PCS LEDs

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Weight: Super Space Nail Dryer Lamp

Voltage: 100-240V

Type: 96PCS LEDS Nail Dryer UV Lamp

Type: UV Lamps

Timing Setting: 10s/30s/60s/99s/120S

Size: 365nm+405nm(Wave)

Power Source: Electric

Power: 192W

Origin: United Kingdom

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Model Number: A-LMH221102

Material: ABS

Lamp Beads: 96PCS

Item Type: nail dryer

Item Type: 192W Nail Dryer UV Lamp

Feature-7: UV Lamp Nail Dryer with 5Gears Timing Setting

Feature-6: Nail Dryer LED UV Lamp For Press On Nails

Feature-5: Professional 192W Nails Dryer 96PCS LEDs UV Lamp

Feature-4: 10S 30S 60S 99S 120S Timing Set Nail Dryer

Feature-3: Professional Nail Dryer Machine for Pedicure

Feature-2: Professional Nail Dryer Machine for Manicure

Feature-1: UV 96PCS LEDs Nail Lamp Nail Dryer

Commodity Quality Certification: ce

Certification: CE

192W UV LED Nail Dryer Lamp 96PCS LEDs UV Nails Polish Varnish Curing Lamp Machine Press On Nails Gel Fast Drying Manicure Dryer


Item type: UV/LED Nail Lamp
Color: White
Material: ABS
Rated input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Power output: DC20V-4A
Power: 192W
UV wavelength: 365nm+ 405nm
Timing: 10,30,60,99,120s
Lamp beads: 96pcs
Host net weight: 1490g
Host size: 44.5 * 22.5 * 13cm

Product Include

1* Main machine
1* Adapter
1* Manual
1* Box


1. For most nail glue.

As the perfect companion for nail lovers, it can be used with almost all nail gels, including cat eye gel, nail polish, extension gel, color painting glue, etc.

2. No more waiting.

With 96 high quality LED light beads, using 256W high power, powerful performance, can quickly cover and cure all your nails uniformly & efficiently.

3. Super open space.

Meet the European size, batch drying, easily accommodate hands / feet / a dozen groups of finger rest, not crowded. Wide view, sticky nail jewelery and nail extensions are very convenient and hassle-free.

4. UV + LED: Natural and comfortable light.

The best combination of UV light and LED light emits a soft light without glare. It will not cause harm to your eyes, less burning sensation on your hands, and never tanning their skin.

5. Flexible timing function.

5 levels of timing (10S, 30S, 60S, 99S, 120S) can be selected according to the thickness of the glue applied and the softness of different nails.

6. Display screen.

Drying time is clear at a glance, improving efficiency. With its help, even beginners can operate the light and dry their nails to the best condition.

7. Removable base.

ABS material, base buckle design, easy to disassemble, freeing up enough space for toenail care, or easier to clean the lamp and keep the operation process more hygienic.

8. Smart switch.

Power cord can be removed, separate switch, practical and more convenient.


1.Use the adaptor attached for operation. Using incompatible adapters may cause device damage.
2.To avoid lamp damage and electric shock, do not let water or other liquids enter the machine.
3.For long time no use, please unplug the adapter.
4.The continuous working time for 1 single use shall not exceed 600s, or the service life of the LEDs may be affected.
5.To avoid damage to the eyes, do not look directly at the LED light for long.


1. Connect with a power
2. Turn on the power switch
3. Selectively adjust timing time
4. Reach nails under the light to start manicure


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