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Tattoo Ink (Microblading/nano Pigments) Color For Semi Permanent lip tint - 3ml

Tattoo Ink (Microblading/nano Pigments) Color For Semi Permanent lip tint - 3ml

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Peachpuff Lip Tint 
Pigment color

Aimoosi international lasting cosmetics brand was founded in 2015 by Guangzhou Xiufangyuan beauty equipment Co., Ltd.
The is headquartered in Guangzhou, China.
Aimoosi brand focuses on medical safety cosmetic products. It is an international cosmetic brand with medical safety qualification.
Product positioning in the global high-end cosmetic market, all products by Europe and the United States imported raw materials.
Aimoosi brand agents throughout the country 22 provinces and cities.
As well as Taiwan, Hongkong, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Britain, Portugal, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries.
The year sales have exceeded 60 million.

You may hooked on Aimoosi pigment by five reasons

1.100% Brand New and High Quality
2.All the pigment neither Layer nor fade.
3.One gram pigment is completely s   oluble in water, indicating color up very quickly.
4.Skin easily absorb pigment, no fade after the repair.
5.All pigments sterilized (by gamma rays)

They are made from rubbing and pure in mountain delicately with exquisite luster and sterling color but never turn color.
Make chromatic more quality and the color keep more durable,

AIMOOSI Eyebrow Permanent Makeup Inks: inorganic and natural, easily coloring, stay for 3~5 years, OEM.
Applicable tattoo eyebrow, eyelids, lip
Good effect, various colors
Never change color.

They will make the skin seems to have three-dimensional effect after dual chromatication if put a little concertrated liquid into the colors.


Packing:3ml/bottle,1 bottles in one package.



Packing:3ml/bottle,1 bottles in one package.

You can remark the color as you want.
There are 25 colors can be choosen.
Eyebrow/ Eyeline:800 810 811 812 817 818 819 821 822 824 831 836
Auxiliary:815 816 881 882 880 T90
Lips:852 853 854 856 858 861 865
The eyebrow tattoo eyeliner set contains 12 bottles, the lip tattoo set contains 7 bottles, the auxiliary set contains 6 bottles, the full series set contains 25 bottles, and 10 bottles can be matched freely to contact the customer service to arrange registration.

1. I placed an order and saw that you delivered the goods. How can I inquire about the package?
Dear, thank you for your order. The default package query website is:
2. I haven't got my package. What should I do?
Dear friends, because the default package delivery logistics option is Super Economy Special Goods, this logistics channel is the most economical, but the defect is that the final delivery of this channel does not show sign off, you can give priority to the delivery of goods through our delivery order number , check whether the package has arrived at your place. If so, we suggest you take the initiative to contact the local post office to inquire about your package. If you still have questions, we suggest you contact our store's customer service, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.
3. Can I choose your standard logistics services?
Yes, of course. We also recommend that customers give priority to standard services. Standard services are fast, affordable, and the most important end service is better.
4. I'm a novice in the embroidery industry. Which colors should I take?
Dear friends, we have set eyebrow tattoo and eyeliner suits, lip tattoo suits, auxiliary suits and professional 25 color suits. As the name implies, they can generally meet the needs of most customers. If you still don't understand, you can contact our customer service, who will provide you with high-quality and professional guidance.
5. I'm a professional embroiderer. I have my own independent needs. What should I do if I'm not included in your package?
Dear, we have set up 10 pieces of free matching suits, which can send the colors you need according to your personal needs. You can leave a message or tell our customer service personnel online, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.



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